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All members of Alpine School Italy are licensed mountain guides

with international diploma and officially registered with the regional and international Association. With no exception they are bound by law to have a third party liability insurance.

KARIN is our customer care and outdoor incentives coordinator

Interpreter in English and former stock-market trader - Karin is of German mother tongue, she coordinates all the activities in our climbing school, responsible of customer care and bookings of all our courses and excursions. She organizes and coordinates adventure trips, group incentives, teambuilding activities at Lake Garda and abroad on behalf of Italian and foreign operators. She is familiar with the entire range of activities of mountain guides as she herself loves rock climbing and hiking in the mountains and often accompanies us on our excursions and courses on the via ferrata, especially when there are foreign guests.


He graduated in geology in his country of birth, the Czech Republic. In his youth he participated in alpine skiing and climbing competitions reaching the highest levels of difficulty (8a-8b). Following his philosophy of life that is summarized by the motto: "Why is everyone traveling and I'm always at home?" He started traveling the world. Jiri has exaggerated a little bit and has visited more than 40 countries and many different continents. Always looking for new adventures, unexplored trekking routes, mountains to climb, unknown cultures and new human contacts. Finally he stopped at the shores of Lake Garda Trentino. In his profession as a mountain guide he started with the activity of canyoning, counting hundreds of excursions. He is currently our coordinator for teambuilding incentives in both climbing and canyoning for English-speaking clients.


He was born in Povo, a small village on the outskirts of Trento the birthplace of many other famous climbers and alpinists. Nobody can explain why and not even Matteo remembers when he actually started climbing the mountains near his home as a child, following the family tradition. Hundreds of climbs in the Alps have trained him in character and also physically, allowing him to get to know himself and his climbing partners. At first he obtained the diploma of alpine guide and later he also became a skiing instructor. He works assiduously at the climbing structure in Arco teaching climbing techniques. Organizes outdoor incentives and teambuilding for schools and businesses but does not mind engaging as an alpine guide accompanying friends and customers in mountain climbing. In the wintertime the slopes of Trentino see him engaged as a ski and ski mountaineering instructor.


He was born in a small village in the Alps. Being surrounded by mountains made him want to climb and the get the satisfaction of reaching the highest peaks. Fabrizio has translated his passion into a profession from which he obtains much satisfaction and the search for a human relationship with his friend-client. He actively collaborates on the structure of the Trentino climbing center in the organization of teambuilding and outdoor incentives. He is an expert in the Brenta Dolomites which often see him engaged both in climbing and on the famous vie ferrate of the Bocchette. Fabrizio is a perfectionist and he loves to refine his remarkable physical skills and the professionalism of his work as a mountain guide. In fact as soon as he has some free time he is eager to visit his old neighbor: the Marmolada Punta Penia (3.343 m).


Simone has just reached his top goal: the instructor diploma of the Italian mountain guides. Perhaps only mountain guides know the professional, technical, didactic qualities and the human qualities that underlie the achievement of such a title. Of course this does not come from nothing: Simone has practiced all the activities on a daily basis in the mountains. He started very young with rock climbing and then he also worked hard on ice climbing, ski mountaineering and canyoning. Today Simone is engaged in all the activities offered by the School especially in favor of the German clientele, given his good knowledge of the language.


He began his climbing career at the tender age of 14 years. Later on life was for him a continuous discovery of new routes on rock, first in the Valle del Sarca then in the Dolomites. Finally he experimented with trekking in Patagonia and on the ice walls of Norway. He passed the strict courses and exams to become a Mountain Guide practically when he was still a boy. Now he works in the management of the Rock Master wall in Arco where he starting to realize the dreams and the adventures of his customers and friends to whom he loves to transmit all his natural joy and passion for the mountains. In winter, he escapes to the neighboring Austria and collaborates on snow-covered slopes and off-slopes with a local school as a snowboard instructor.


He graduated in his native town Trento and at the same time he participated in alpine skiing competitions for 5 years. He has accumulated about 300 ascents practically on all the peaks of the Alps. In the year 2016, at the age of 30, he obtained the instructor diploma of the Italian Alpine Guides. Ale is really a multifaceted character and also this philosophical thought expresses it: "The biggest problem is to give priority to the myriad possibilities that stimulate the mind of a climber, when you have the good fortune to live in the most beautiful place of world!" What is most important to him is mountain cinematography. He has already created an ambitious project called "DoloMitiche - open-air works of art" which was presented at the Filmfestival della Montagna and other feature films. He will surely become a good movie director, in the meantime he will hopefully give us a hand in our school.


As a child he began to discover the paths, via ferrata and rock walls in the area of Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites. His first professional engagement, in 1959, was "Shepherd of goats". Subsequently, his qualification has somewhat improved and in 1995 he founded the first Alpinism and ski mountaineering school in Arco. Since the beginning, he has always been in charge of the internet until, in 2005, he was nominated "Professional Web Master" by Google although being a simple self-taught. This has brought good benefits in his activity as a mountain guide, especially in the German market. If you tell Delio that his websites are ugly, he is happy because you have found them and you have also read them. In fact, in the year 2015, he also received the award as Professional SEO by Google. Nowadays Delio works in his business almost exclusively for his old German guests. He loves to collaborate with the young people of the Mountime mountaineering school of Arco who, with professionalism and reliability, carry on the centuries-old tradition of the Trentino Alpine Guides.

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